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BiOSS Lemon Scented Hand Sanitizer

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75% alcohol.


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Breathe Safely Products

Breathe Safely offers a variety of reliable and Health Canada approved products to help protect from the threat of COVID-19 and other contagions. Our mission is to source high-quality products at a lower cost, so that we can pass on savings to our customers.

We focus specifically on the items most essential to health and well-being amid the COVID-19 pandemic. From masks to disinfectants to signage to gloves, our priority is keeping these high-demand items in stock and accessible to all who need them.

Masks and Gloves

Health experts agree that masks are the most important way that individuals can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 while out in public. At Breathe Safely, we are focused on keeping high-quality and medical grade masks in stock for our customers.

Our mask offerings include various styles and patterns of reusable masks, in adult and kids sizes. All of our reusable masks include filters or medical grade fabrics. With wire nose pieces and adjustable loops, and a soft poly/cotton fabric blend, these reusable masks offer comfort as well as protection. Replacement filters can also be purchased to keep reusable masks fresh and effective. These filters fit neatly in the inner pocket of these masks, and block 99.997% of air pathogens, making them far more effective and safe than filterless cloth masks, such as many homemade masks.

Also offered are boxes of 3-ply, single use disposable face masks, which can be used personally, or kept in stock by businesses to distribute to customers who may arrive without a mask. Clear, full-length protective face shields are also offered, including some designed specifically for children.

Another item of personal protective equipment that can be extremely important in certain settings, such as food service, is medical-grade gloves. Breathe Safely offers both latex and nitrile gloves in a variety of sizes.

Hand Sanitizer

In addition to containing contagion through masks, hand sanitizer is an extremely effective way for individuals and businesses to help avoid spreading or coming into contact with germs.

Breathe Safely has multiple varieties and sizes of high-quality, skin-friendly hand sanitizer in stock, from 235 ml pop cap personal hand sanitizer containers to 4 litre containers of hand sanitizer perfect for refilling pumps in businesses, or personal containers at home. Hand sanitizer can also be used as a disinfectant on public surfaces.

One logistical concern for businesses and other public places offering hand sanitizer is how to do so safely. As important as hand sanitizer can be to preventing contagion, a common bottle pumped by hand in a public place has the risk of causing the same problems it is meant to solve, if many people touch the same hand pump and some do not manage to fully sanitize their hands.

It is for this reason that automatic, touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers are becoming so popular in public spaces. These self-standing dispensers can filled with any liquid or gel sanitizer, and can be placed at the entrance/exit of public spaces, and strategically placed throughout those spaces, to ensure that visitors do not bring germs in or out with them, or spread them throughout a store or other business.

Disinfectant Wipes

While hand sanitizer and other cleaners can be effectively used to sanitize surfaces, the simplest and most effective way for quick sanitation is medical-grade disinfectant wipes. Breathe Safely stocks accelerated hydrogen peroxide disinfectant wipes from PREempt, which kill COVID-19, as well as all other viruses and bacteria, immediately.

Whether at home or in business settings, these wipes provide peace of mind by ensuring clean, fresh, and contagion-free surfaces as soon as they are used. Their packaging in convenient canisters allows for immediate and mess free use on-the-go and in a variety of settings, and ensures that they remain fresh and sterile.

Signs and Floor Decals

For businesses and other indoor or enclosed public spaces, it is crucial to make social distancing guidelines clear to customers and visitors, and to make it as easy as possible for customers or visitors to follow those guidelines. Essential to this task is clear and visible signage. Standing signs and floor decals are two of the forms of messaging currently being used by most businesses and public spaces.

Standing signs are an effective way to communicate messages to customers and visitors before they enter, such as social distancing rules and mask requirements. Breathe Safely stocks 5’ tall standing signs offering a variety of COVID-19-related messages. Place these signs outside the entrance of your establishment, and intersperse them throughout the indoor space to ensure that requirements are clear and apparent throughout the space. They can also be placed in employee areas to remind employees of guidelines such as hand-washing rules.

Floor decals are the most effective way to help customers or visitors maintain the proper social distance, especially in areas of higher concentration, such as entrance or check-out lines. Adhesive floor signs not only remind customers or visitors of social distancing rules, they can be placed exactly six feet apart, to show people exactly where they can safely stand.

All of the signs offered by Breathe Safely are bilingual, helping to make the message clear to all visitors.


In the current health climate, it is unsurprising that even simple medical items like thermometers have been difficult to access. One of the items we at Breathe Safely have in stock and are offering at a reasonable rate is an essential for reopening businesses and other public places that require vital checks at the door: an instant-read thermometer. This non-contact thermometer is able to check for fevers without risking the close contact of a traditional thermometer. In addition, this thermometer is able to provide for efficient testing by producing an instant temperature reading, providing results in less than one second, as well as a convenient and customizable temperature alarm.

By keeping all of these products in stock and offering them at low prices, Breathe Safely hopes to keep you covered, and help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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