Montreal PPE Supplier Partners with #OperationRainbowMTL #OperationArcEnCiel

Costco Canada Customers Will Need to Wear Protective Face Coverings Starting May 4th
avril 24, 2020

Breathe Safely, Montreal based supplier of PPEs and sanitization products is the latest partner for #OperationRainbowMTL (#OperationArcEnCiel). In support of frontline healthcare workers and in solidarity with other local companies in and around the island, they have committed 5% of all profits towards the cause.

OperationRainbowMTL (@operationrainbow.official) is a new initiative kick started by Girls Living Out Loud (@glolmtl), a Montreal non-profit focused on women’s empowerment. Since its inception, the group behind OperationRainbowMTL is working tirelessly to expand their partnerships and collect funds to continue the fight against Covid-19, right where the fighting is thickest: hospitals and long-term care facilities. As of May 12, 2020 they’ve already reached 34 hospital departments and nursing homes to supply PPEs, food and (much needed) coffee!

Breathe Safely is joining the fight by pledging 5% of their profits to help support frontline healthcare workers. The company is one that continues to keep up-to-date stock of face shields, KN95 masks, surgical masks and sterilizers, and is one of the only suppliers in Montreal with stock that is ready-to-ship. If you or your loved ones are in need of any of these, it may be a good idea to check them out for yourself. You could also purchase PPEs for donation purposes to your local school or long-term care facility, as it is no secret that these hardest hit areas are the most in need. With schools opening back up in Quebec and teachers underprotected, it may be where your contributions could be felt the most.

During these unprecedented and uncertain times, it’s important to support local businesses providing essential products and services, as well as charitable causes looking out for those most at-risk. Check out Breathe Safely and OperationRainbowMTL to learn how you can better protect yourself and help those fighting in your community.

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