Quebec Government Now Recommends People Wear Masks In Public

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avril 24, 2020
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avril 24, 2020

As the Quebec government prepares to make public its plans to loosen lockdown restrictions, the province’s public health chief Dr. Horacio Arruda is now formally recommending people wear masks in public as an additional tool to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Up to now, the Quebec government has appeared reluctant to recommend people wear masks in public, but now, Dr. Arruda says things will be different once the weather gets warmer, and the restrictions gradually start getting dropped.

“As [there] are going to be more people outside…it won’t be easy to keep a two-metre distance everywhere, especially on buses and metros and whenever you [do your] groceries,” Dr. Arruda said.

There are a few things to remember about masks in public. First of all, wearing a mask does not make you invincible — it’s not a substitute, Dr. Arruda says, for proper social distancing measures, or proper hand-washing techniques. And if you’re sick, you should just stay at home.

The government has prepared a pamphlet, and a 90-second video, to demonstrate things like how to put on your mask, when to use it, what materials you should use, and how to properly clean it for your next use.

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